Vancouver steering committee

Chairman - Oliver James, KPMG

Formal Events.png

Co-Head of Formal Events - Scott Fulton, KPMG

Internal Events.png
Junaid Rawji 2017_10.jpg

Head of Internal Events - Junaid Rawji, KPMG

Thought Leadership.png

Head of Thought Leadership - Bona CoKehyeng, Ekohe


Deputy Head of Thought Leadership - Max Wilford, KPMG

Skills Training.png

Head of Skills Training - Vacant

Social Media.png

Head of Social Media - Nadeen Chudge, TELUS


Deputy Head of Social Media - Parin Shah, KPMG

Marketing and PR.png

Head of Marketing and PR and Deputy Head of Formal Events - Ekaterina Tsvetkova, Internet Exposure


Head of Website - Alex Shepard, Wood.

Non-Executive Advisor.png

Head of Philanthropy - Sophia Park, TELUS

Strategic Partnerships.png

Head of Strategic Partnerships - Chris Williamson, KPMG


Deputy Head of Strategic Partnerships - Arash Shadkam, UBC