The Convergence of Emergence Technology with Finger Food

1. Finger Food, who are they? 

Finger Food is an award-winning technology innovation company that excels at creating industry transforming solutions for global companies. Using a convergence of emerging technologies including XR, AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, Blockchain, and IoT, we creatively solve key business problems to drive revenue growth, reduce costs, and manage risk. Successful clients and partnerships include Microsoft, PACCAR, Enbridge, Cirque du Soleil, Lowe’s, Lululemon, Mayfield Robotics, Goldcorp, and many more.

2. What trends have you seen clients transitioning to, and what are some innovative ways that you’ve been able to support them?

Many clients are looking to emerging technology like AR/VR/MR, machine learning and IoT to prepare for the future, but do not know how to apply the technology in a meaningful way. By combining these technologies we are able to offer solutions that streamline workflows, enhance communication and improve safety, efficiency and ROI while setting up companies to compete and be industry leaders for the future. With our clients, we have re-imagined industries like mining, oil & gas, entertainment, healthcare and retail for industry 4.0 and beyond.

3. How has Finger Food been able to differentiate itself from competing consulting firms? How are you uniquely positioned compared to competitors?

We do things no one has done before: replacing clay models in the truck design process with full-scale holographic models for PACCAR, using AR to place products in your home and navigate in store for Lowe’s, and helping to bring to life the world’s first home robot, Kuri, with Mayfield Robotics. Our focus is on delivering measurable value around a core business challenge or opportunity. We gather input & data from an array of sources and processes to inform results. From this foundation, we craft custom, interactive digital solutions leveraging disruptive platforms like HoloLens, tech stacks, visualization techniques and devices. These technologies have laid the ground for a wealth of consumer and business facing applications.

4. What is the most impactful project that Finger Food has delivered that you’d like to share?

For Enbridge, we brought holographic rendering to pipeline integrity assessment. Using HoloLens, machine learning and IoT, we created a full-scale visualization framework from raw data that allows experts to better understand ground behaviour and pipe movement without the need to dig up the physical pipe. The holographic rendering of geological hazards has redefined the assessment process giving pipeline integrity experts extensive visibility, and driving down costs while reducing the threat of incidents on the pipeline.

5. How has AR or VR intersected, if at all, with AI / ML? Do you see something similar happening with Blockchain?

The true power of AR/VR/MR comes when it is combined with other emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things. By combining AR/VR/MR with AI and ML, we are able to accurately gather, visualize and interpret data that would previously have been limited only to elite professionals to interpret. Together with IoT, we can create full-scale holographic visualizations of even the most complex data complete with live streaming updates. This technology empowers businesses to increase visibility, trust and clarity across the company, ultimately enabling business leaders to make better decisions faster while improving safety, efficiency, and communication.