Pollinate is a young professional and social network for future leaders.

We enable cross-industry sharing of perspectives, initiatives and ideas through events, thought leadership, debates, skills training and volunteering.


Our Purpose

Pollinate is open to talented individuals from across all industries, including, but not limited to Finance, Strategy, Operations, Technology, Engineering, Policy, and Business Development. Members benefit from integrating industry best practices and ideas from other sectors into their own companies.
The topics of discussion are future looking business trends and technology. The network explores, debates, and seeks to understand trending topics like Advanced Machine Learning, Blockchain, Driverless Cars, Internet-of-Things, Eye Controlled Technology, Drones, Digital Health, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Everything-On-Demand, Crypto Currencies, Fuel Cells, and more.

Off the back of these discussions, Pollinate members create thought leadership pieces that are published to educate their networks and help inspire positive change.

Beyond formal events and thought leadership, the network hosts debates, offers skills training sessions and organizes philanthropic events and initiatives focused on giving back to the local community. 

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Check out our FY18 Annual Report here.